10.10.2013 - I'm so sorry for the lack of updates on here, I've been struggling with RSI (repetitive strain injury) and can't really use computers.........
Anyway, we're finally releasing the single Rain On An Angle, which was written by me (Mel), Brenden James and Darren McKinty. You can listen to it on our music page or on Bandcamp. You can also buy it on Bandcamp if you want.

03.06.2012 - New pics on the 'photos' page from our gig at The Order of Melbourne. Many thanks to Mick Jarvie and CJ for the photos.

17.10.2011 -
We're playing at The Order of Melbourne next month (24th Nov 2011), details in the gig section.
Yes, we're excited!

8.11.2010 - We've uploaded a new version of 'She Fell So Well' to JJJ Unearthed, it has extra huge synth bass in it. Oh and we also discovered that we're #9 on the dance charts there at the moment, woohoo!
A terrific new electro compilation is being released soon and our track 'I Love Technology' has been chosen for it. You'll be able to catch us live at the Compilation Launch party in a couple of months.
Also working on a collab with a local act, all will be revealed soon :)

25.5.2010 - Ahhh bad me for not updating in so long.... possibly spending too much time on myspace and facebook....!
Drumkits that glow in the dark are very awesome. More gigs coming soon, yay!!!!!!!!

28.12.2009 - Our gig at The Evelyn was absolutely fantastic, thanks so much to everyone who came along, we'll get the photos up soon, but a whole new website design is in the works, so we may wait until that's uploaded before putting more content up.
We're working on the music video for a new unreleased single there's some hilarious outakes on our youtube and facebook pages. The video will be ready in January, so far we've spent $2 and many many hours on it and we can't wait till the final product is finished. *update, it's gonna take months and months beacuse we can't get hold of a video camera and the quality on our digicams is just not good enough. Oh well, all good things take time....

8.12.2009 -
Huge gig news, we're playing with the very popular Midnight Circus and Bipolar Badwise at The Evelyn this Saturday 12th Dec. According to the facebook event page there's already over 100 people coming, so I'd recommend getting a ticket early because I think The Evelyn holds around 300 people and there's still the rest of the week before the gig, so don't miss out.

We'd really appreciate your support at this gig, it'll be one of the last for 2009, we've got a whole tonne of new songs and everything has been 'doofed' up so it's nice and dancey and FUN.

Photos from our gig at The Johnston and Noise Bar will be up soon, just been a bit busy to update the site.

Don't forget there's a couple of new samples here that you'll be able to hear at gigs.

6.11.2009 - Samples of 2 new tracks are here. One of them is 'Rain on an Angle', it's our new single, but we're not releasing it for a while yet, we want to wait until closer to the time when we release our album. Enjoy!!

New photos from our Cup Eve gig will be up soon too.

22.10.2009 - "After a short break, live electro favourites The Greenmatics are back with a fist full of new tracks, a brand new sound and energy to burn. Get in early [ band starts around 9 pm ] and see what the buzz around this band is all about as they pump it hard with their addictive brand of electro/pop/dance. Make your cup eve celebrations complete at the Noise Bar with the new soundtrack for your life" ... The Greenmatics.

01.10.2009 - Yo, here's a couple of new interviews by The Greenmatics:

Interview with: It all starts with V

Interview with: Juniors Cave

Next gig is Cup Eve, DOOF DOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25.06.2009 - Hi!! Well we've been busy writing songs and have started testing them out on unsuspecting audiences, starting with Lizzies goodbye party which was incredibly awesome. Goodluck with everything Lizzie, it was an honour to play for you at your final Melbourne gig (for now).

Heaps of new photos will be up over the next couple of weeks, including photos from the party I mentioned above. We also have a gig coming up @ Noise Bar in Melbourne, see the gigs page for all the details about that

We've got even more profiles on the interweb now and all those links are on the... you guessed it, the links page, hahaa.

Anyway, sorry about not updating this website for a while, I had a few craptop laptop issues, but am now proud to announce I have a brand new 2nd hand laptop that will do in the meantime.

24.01.2009 - We're proud to announce that there's another new remix of 'I Love Technology', it's by Winston & Yoddy and you can hear it on the Music page (in 1 day) along with the remix by Benny Electric. Both remixes are being released by Silver Sneaker Records and will be available on itunes and Amazon next month.

22.01.2009 -
Yeah, 2009!! Hope you all had a good new years. KISS MY GRASS, it's @ The Sidney Myer Music Bowl on 25th Jan and we're on the lineup along with heaps of other great bands and DJs, for the full lineup please see the 'gigs' page.
We're also #7 in the Top 20 for 2008 on The NZ Show (4ZZZ QLD), big thanks to Lindsay, Eloise, Mike, Marty and everyone else on The NZ Show for being so supportive.

23.11.2008 - Radio Basile is a huge internet radio station (they're actually #3 on the internet radio charts and they've started playing our tracks, you can check them out here - and here

20.11.2008 -
Kiss My Grass 2009 is a huge dance music festival on Australia Day (25/1/2009) and we're pleased to announce that we're on the lineup, along with so many other amazing bands and DJS. For the full list see the 'gigs' page.

I've made quite a few updates to this website, including a new mp3 player on the 'Music' page from

9.11.2008 - Hooray,our new single is #3 on the Kiss FM chart at the moment. Queensland DJ Benny Electric has remixed I Love Technology, you can hear it on the 'sounds' page and also on his myspace page -, we l l l love his work!!

10.10.2008 - Our brand new single 'She Fell So Well', produced by Brian Canham, is out now. You can hear it on the 'music/videos' page, on myspace, mysongcast, facebook, triple j unearthed and many other places, the links are on the 'links' page. You can also hear it on Australian and New Zealand radio stations in a week or 2 when the mail arrives.

27.09.2008 - Good news, our next single 'She Fell So Well' will be released in Australia and New Zealand within the next few weeks. If you haven't been to any of our live shows, then you will have never heard the new single before and it's a good one, well I reckon it is anyway....
No gigs coming up for a little while sorry, we're great multi-taskers and all but we just wanna concentrate on recording our album and writing lots of new tracks for the next wee while.... who knows, maybe we'll do a surprise single launch gig, maybe, maybe not.... ooooooooooh! We got Brian Canham on board again to produce the new single for us, we're proud to say that the previous one he did for us (I Love Technology) got Triple J airplay, hooray!
Oh and some new stuff is on the 'Interviews' page too.

06.08.2008 -

Ahhh man, back too reality after our East Coast Tour.... crap. Hello to everyone we met on the tour, especially the crazy Sydney people who jumped up onstage to dance with us and got dragged off by bouncers, hope you're ok!! There's heaps of new stuff on here.... the full version of our latest single and a new video filmed for Channel 31 on the 'music/videos' page, plus 1% of the 8 trillion photos we took on our tour are on the 'photos' page. I also put up the 'In Limbo' video and a video of our EP.... oooooh.

23.07.2008 - The tour has been heaps of fun so far. We fly to Queensland tomorrow for some gigs with DJ Benny Electric and 4ZZZ DJs. Then onto New South Wales to play with Hyske, The Blazing Suns, Storm and Black Diamond Hearts. We'll be visiting the 4ZZZ studio while we're in town, you'll be able to hear us on air on Friday early afternoon before our Coolum gig @ Sol Bar.

8.07.2008 -

To kick off our "I Love Technology East Coast Tour of Australia, we'll be playing @ Roxanne Parlour on Friday 18th July - this is a double launch gig with 'Fluorescent' releasing their new album and us releasing our latest single. Joining us is Nathan Ratcliffe (Panic DJ) and Polygon Palace..

We'll be previewing the new single on our myspace page this Friday 11th July, cool!!

If for some crazy reason you'd like to help put up our tour posters or hand out our tour flyers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney (and possibly a couple of other cities to be announced soon), then drop us a line, let us know which city you live in and we'll send you out some stuff, plus maybe we'll throw in some free stuff for yourself ;-) email - contact (at) thegreenmatics (dot) com

14.06.2008 -
Our Click Click gig has been cancelled! Apparently all Click Click gigs will be held at a new venue at a later date.
We're gearing up for our Australian Tour this July,more dates will be put up on the gigs page soon. The Brisbane gig is going to be pretty special because 4ZZZ have asked us to play at 4ZZZ's The New Zealand Show's 25th Anniversary @ The Stepp Inn on 26th July, can't wait for that one!!

31.05.2008 -
Tonight we're playing @ The Afterdark, it's FREE!! Soon we're playing at Click Click with National Airlines, (say 'The Greenmatics' at the door for very cheap entry). Here's the very awesome poster that Sime from National Airlines made for us....

06.04.2008 - We had a fantastic night at our gig last weekend. Thanks to Belle Piec for the photos, they're up on our photos page.
Our next single is being produced by B
rian Canham (pseudo echo frontman) and it'll be out soon.

17.02.2008 - Currently we're recording our next CD, so we won't be doing as many gigs as we usually do, but be assured, we're still having lots of FUN!

13.1.2008 - Helloooo everyone, we've got zillions of gigs planned for 2008, not just in Melbourne either. We're @ Pony with Colab and Talkshow Boy on Thursday 17th Jan, @ Idgaff with Neon Knights and Colab on Saturday 19th Jan and heaps more, including a gig in Geelong (our first time playing there) with CC Martini. The NZ Show on 4zzz in Brisbane had their Top 20 for 2007 and we came in at #4 and #11, awesome!!

12.12.2007 - Well we're back from playing at Renaissance Festival, we had a fun time, but we must've swallowed about 2 trillion flies.... icky!!
4ZzZ in Queensland have been playing our new EP so much that we got into their Top 5 Most Played cds recently, cool huh! Thank you 4ZzZ, we'll be up your way next year.
You can also vote for our single 'I Love Technology' on 4ZzZ's Top 100 for 2007 - vote here!

We've got lots of gigs coming up in the new year, keep checking the gigs page or our myspace page.

31.10.2007 - 80's techno pop icons Pseudo Echo with support from The Greenmatics (that's us), are playing @ Rubys Lounge in Melbourne, Friday 9th November. FUN!!

26.10.2007 -
The Revolver gig was amazing!! The room was completely packed and the crowd had a great vibe, awesome!! The gig was for CC Martini's Champagne Taste single launch. Some of the photos are up on the photos page now - photos are by Danny Dare.

15.10.2007 - Thanks to everyone who came to our gig at The Empress yesterday and danced on a Sunday, it was fun!! Brisbane's 4ZzZ also had our new EP on their Top 5 for the week last week. We're playing @ Revolver in a couple of weeks for the CC Martini Single Launch and we're really looking forward to it, so come along if you wanna!

26.9.2007 - Rage TV played our new video, thanks Rage!
There's also lots more gigs on the 'gigs' page and once again we'll be crossing to the other side of town for a gig in St Kilda, this time it's at Pure Pop Records and it's free!! COOL.

25.8.2007 - We have a gig next week in Fitzroy, Melbourne, see the gigs page for all the details. There's also a free download of our video for 'I Love Technology', that's on the music/videos page if you're interested in free stuff (thanks Hippy Chris for sorting that out for us)!! Our interview with Jacinta on RRR and the interview with TSM Radio are up on the Interviews page now!

27.07.2007 - Here's our new video for 'I Love Technology'.


We made it with 3 digicams on 3 tripods and edited it on a laptop and we quite like it!! Click here to see it bigger.

15.07.2007 - We're currently making a video for 'I Love Technology' at the moment, there's some stills from the shoot on the photos page.
Kiwi FM in NZ told us that we're on their Top 10 at the moment, this week we're #5 and you can vote for us here if you wanna. Edit: we are currently #3, woohoo!

17.06.2007 - You're all awesome!! So many people came to our EP Launch last night and made it really FUN. Thanks to Panic, PBS, RRR, Beat, Inpress and everyone else who promoted the gig and came along. 'Out Of Limbo' has officially been launched. Heaps of new pics on the photos page.

10.06.2007- 6 days until our 'Out Of Limbo' EP Launch!
We did an interview with Tony Irvine on PBS the other night and thanks to the wonders of technology, you can listen to it online anytime you want. Just go to, log in (or sign up, it doesn't take long), click on 'Listen Live', then 'Radio On Demand', the show is 'Irvine Jump' and it's the 9th June episode. If you're in Melbourne this Monday 11th June, then you can hear us RRR at around 9pm. Jacinta will be interviewing us on her show Local and/or General 102.7fm.

Here's a review of our single 'I Love Technology' that's in this weeks issue of Melbournes Beat Magazine - by Simone:

"A middle-paced electro pop pumper with the familiar airy swirl of femme robotics in the chorus. It's a weird one of those things, but Lithuanian lead singer Green pronounces the word as "techno-logy" and it really makes the song. Suitably cool and surprisingly clever dance music"

(I'm not really Lithuanian, I'm the NZer, Ant's Lithuanian and El Gordo's English....)

18.05.2007- Melbournes online magazine Arcady have an interview with us and they've chosen us as their 'hype band' for this issue, cool aye!! You can read it here, or add them on myspace here.
Our new EP is being played by a number of NZ and Australian radio stations, awesome!!

30.04.2007- Our new EP 'Out Of Limbo' is here, we're holding it in our sweaty little hands, finally. Check the gigs page for our EP Launch gig in June.

Also got a few gigs coming up this weekend and the next, so head along to see some live retro electro gigging action.

10.03.2007- Ooooooooooooooooooooooo tonnes of gigs on the gigs page. We'll have a few very limited edition EPs available @ our next few gigs too. You can hear some samples from the EP here on our my space page.

26.02.2007- Ello, we've put up samples of a couple of tracks from our soon to be released EP, they're on the 'sounds' page. We've also got a gig coming up in Melbourne, Fitzroy this Saturday and more gigs later on in March, details are on the 'gigs' page. Ryan Beehre remixed our track 'Wait No More' quite a while ago and it was recently chosen for a compilation put out by French label Agoon-agoon, check it out!!


01.02.2007- Our EP is coming along swimmingly, should be released sometime in February. Also got some more gigs coming, check the gigs page if you're curious.... (more will be added soon)


19.12.2006- Next gig is @ The East Brunwick Club, 29th December 2006: THE GREENHOUSE EFFEKT 2

Following the success of the first 'The Greenhouse Effekt' Pressure Productions party in October where a Fitzroy warehouse was filled to capacity for a night of Electro madness, 'The Greenhouse Effekt 2' will feature Electro Synth Pop trio 'The Greenmatics' from NZ/UK/Lithuania, Melbourne's Rocktronic groovers 'Glovebox' and Super Synth Popsters 'Let's Crash Heaven', along with Electroid DJs 'Adam Burnell'(Cassette) and 'DJ Gringo'. Tickets $8 + bf, available from venue or East Brunswick Club


A huge thanks to our sponsers:

White Dog Green Frog (click pic to see their very cheap website packages)

Lovell Guitars (click pic to see the range of guitars and other things they have to offer)





21.11.2006 -

17.11.2006 - Thanks to everyone who braved the stormy conditions and came to our gig the other night, congratulations to those who won beers vouchers, especially that crazy guy up front who was doing cartwheels and dance moves that were outta this world!! Photos will be up shortly. Soon we'll be heading into Ants studio to re-record our EP with real live instruments, not plugins from my laptop.... our tracks will be lo-fi no more. On the EP we'll also be including our track 'I Love Technology'... Next gig is our early NYE celebration @ The East Brunswick Club on 29th Dec, more details on the gigs page... ciao.

24.10.2006 - We've got a gig coming up on November 15th, 9:30pm @ The Greyhound in St Kilda, Melbourne. We're giving the 12 best dancers a free beer. More details on the 'gigs' page. Also, please note that this gig is Smokefree - a big thanks to The Greyhound for making that happen.

We've also added a 'Reviews' and 'Interviews' page, you'll get a laugh outta the interview, hahaa.

Don't forget to send through photos you take at any of our gigs you go to and they might end up on this website, with full credits of course.



09.10.2006 - Oh wow, thanks so much to everyone who came to'The Greenhouse Effect' party. It was fantastic playing with 'Let's Crash Heaven' and their decorations totally made it feel like we were partying inside a galaxy of stars and cardboard nipples. There's tonnes of pics from the party up on the photos page, the ones of Lets Crash Heaven will be up shortly. A huge thanks to my flatmates who cleaned up heaps of the party mess the next day. And lastly, thanks for all the b'day messages at the party :)



22.09.2006 - Hi, new pics from The Elvis Room on the photos page and some details on each member is up on the 'meet the band' page.



14.09.2006 -Each band member now has a profile on the "Meet the band" page. We've also got a gig on 7th October, it's a private party, but drop us a line if you just can't miss out.

01.09.2006 - Yes, 2 updates in the same day, but there's some great news to share.... Richard Robertson who made the video for our single "Wait No More" got "Highly Commended" for his efforts in New Zealand's Handle The Jandal music video competition. You can see the details here.

01.09.2006 - Melbourne radio station PBS have done an interview with us, you can read it here and if you'd like to stream PBS you can do that here and they're also on My Space.


25.08.2006 - You've heard of a Radio Station in Australia called Triple J right? Well we're on their Unearthed website and you can stream/download some of our tracks and you can also review them!! Go on, check it out if you dare..... We've got some gigs coming up around October, all the dates will be on the gigs page soon. If you've ever seen us do gigs around New Zealand or Melbourne, you'll be interested to know that we've added a drummer to the lineup for the first time ever... that's right, the cdr will no longer be credited as 'drummer'. I'd also just like to add that electronic drumkits are awesome & so are English accents. That's all for now. Green

Oh yeah, one more last thing, my laptop is fixed after months of being in hibernation, so I can write songs again now, hooray!


22.07.2006 - There's now a merchandise page with mp3's, ringtones and badges for sale. Circuit Breaker was released Nationwide in Australia last week. It's a compilation cd and one of our tracks was chosen for it. You can buy it from lotsa good stores. More information here - Circuit Breaker.


31.05.2006 - You can buy a few of our mp3s on a new music website called "Public Revolution", check it out, there's heaps of interesting stuff to look at and loads of other bands mp3s you can purchase. More photos taken by Elodie @ Ding Dong are up on the photos page. We're having a small break while new members are being trained up, but we'll be back before you can say Circuit Breaker.... oh and on the Sounds page there's now links to our music videos online.


07.05.2006 - New photos on the photos page. Thanks to Olivia Desianti and Elodie for the photos. We're having so much fun, thank you for supporting us at our gigs.

04.05.2006 - Check the gigs page for more info about our sudden gig @ The Espy tomorrow night (Fri 5th May) in Melbourne.

29.04.2006 - We've got a couple of gigs coming up in Melbourne, check the gigs page for more details. Our EP will be release very soon, Australia only for now. 'Wait No More' is on a NSW compilation coming out this May, it'll be release Nationwide and I'll put more info about it up here soon.

26.04.2006 - Everything is on hold, my laptop died. No more songs until I can get another one, it's sad. If you can help, please email me at thegreenmatics (at) gmail (dot) com

25.03.2006 - If you're in New Zealand you can see the brand new music video for 'Wait No More' on C4s Homegrown Late, 30th March. It was made by Wellington music video newbie Richard Robertson for $0.00. There's some new photos on the photos page. We have a new EP in the works, it will be released in Australia only for now and it includes my favourite song 'I Love Technology'.

11.02.2006 - All of us here in our little green house are very excited to tell you that the very talented Richard Robertson of Wellington, NZ, has just finished the video clip for "Wait No More". It'll be released very soon, so keep checking the news page for details of where you can see it. There's now a sample of Ryan Beehre's remix of our track "Wait No More" on the sounds page now. We're almost ready to take our new songs to the stage, details will be on the gigs page soon. I'd also like to thank for kindly allowing us to host this website on their space, thanks, you guys are great.

30.11.2005 - Here are some of the new details about the band........

Our new name is The Greenmatics, I'm sure you already
figured that out since you're here, looking at the new website and stuff.

We're now based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have many new songs, although you'll only be able to
hear them at our gigs. We will release one to radio sometime in the new year.

27.11.2005 - Ryan Beehre (Minuit, Funk'n'slocuts) has
remixed my single 'Wait No More'. He has released it in Chch NZ so far, but if you'd like to hear a sample of it now then check it out on his website.

16.10.2005 - Sean (The Tom Bosley Experience) and I
collaborated on a song, it's called 'Storytime'. You can hear it here.

12.08.2005 - Alabastor Theatre (Wellington) is coming up to Auckland and joining Emerald Green and The Tutts @ Edens Bar on Friday, 19th August.

4.08.2005 - New photos on the 'photos' page from last
weekend. Thanks Tom, MUNK and Rob Mayes for sending us the photos.

26.07.2005 - We've been asked to play at a "welcome home party" this Thursday, 28th July @ Shanghi Lils and everyone's invited! There'll be some special guests and it's free entry!

08.07.2005 - We're playing a gig with legendary Christchurch band YFC and Eskimo, who features members of Superette, JPSE, Throw, Dolphin and YFC.... we're very much looking forward to it. It's on 30th July @ Edens Bar.
In other news, a member of a very awesome Nelson band has remixed our track 'Wait No More' and we might release it in a couple of months....

07.06.2005 - The Shortcircuit Tour is excited to announce the grand finale of their Nationwide Tour in Auckland this Friday the 10th June @ Galatos Basement.

- Emerald Green
- Style Over Substance
- Further : Romantech
- Black Pantha
- plus some very, very special (and excited) guests

We're turning the finale into a huge party, so there'll be DJ's taking us through to the early hours after the bands have done their thing.

First 30 people through the door get a free limited edition tour cd and some MPH750 party pills worth $20 !!!!

16.05.2005 - This weekend we head to Wellington on 20th May @ Bodega Basement & Palmerston North @ Guv'nors on 21st May.

09.05.2005 - Check out our TOUR DIARY. We've been having an absolute blast on our Nationwide Tour. The highlights of the tour so far include: people dancing on the tables in Queenstown, packed out gig in Wanaka, everything in Dunedin - they're such incredible dancers those Dunedinites. A big thanks to everyone who's let us stay at their homes so far, Betty, Karen, Peter and Lizz, El Bong.... :-) We're playing in Christchurch this Thursday, plus a couple of all ages daytime gigs @ The Polytech and then up to Nelson before starting the North Island part of the tour.

Thank you so much to our sponsers, you rock !!


25.04.2005 - The 'Sounds' page now has 30 second samples on it!! Awesome.


We're going on tour with EMU, Romantech and Further, yay! Each gig is either $5 or free. First 20 people at each gig get a free limited edition tour cd and some MPH750 party pills.

- 5th, Dunedin @ Refuel with DJ Loki
- 6th, Queenstown @ Dux De Lux
- 7th, Wanaka @ Apartment One
- 12th, Christchurch @ The Jetset Lounge with The USS Hit Machine
- 14th, Nelson @ Phat with Funk'n'Slocuts, Fiction and Black Pantha
- 20th, Wellington @ Bodega Basement with Disasteradio
- 21st, P.North @ Guv'nors with Module
- 28th, Auckland @ Viper Room with Goldenaxe and Black Pantha

11.04.05 - We've just been informed that Camilla will be
playing our video for 'In Limbo' on C4's Intellectual Property this Tuesday night (12th April), so check it out!! (11pm - 12 on C4)

03.04.05 - We're back from our road trip to Wellington for an April Foolsday gig @ Happy, it was RAD! Thanks to the bands, everyone who came along, Joel for organising the gig, Joel, Heather, Lucy, Hadley and Jonno for letting us stay at their house (you guys are great!) Photos taken by Lucy and Heather at the gig are on the 'photos' page.... In other news, Emerald Green is hitting the road in May for an 8 date tour of NZ!! Check here for more details 'Shortcircuit'.

22.03.05 - We're going to Wellington for a gig @ Happy on 1st April. We're playing with Glove Power (featuring
Disasteradio) and The Dukes of Leisure. $5, 9:30pm start.

16.03.05 - Emerald Green has just been nominated for
"Most Promising New Act' in the bNet Music Awards.
Please vote for us :-D
We'd really appreciate it.


13.03.05 - The position of #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 fan are now taken, sorry - see photos below.

.... .......

Our #1 fan ...........Our #1.5 fan .........Our # 2, 3, 4 & 5 fan.


In Limbo is also #26 on the Radioscope Alt Top 100 for 2004, it's the highest self-release.

27.02.05 - 'The Garden Song' is in the RDU Top 10
countdown at the moment. I got to do guest vocals for EMU @ The Wintergarden last night for AK05, we supported Minuit and it was absolutely fantastic. The gig was so raging that the firealarm went off twice!!

05.01.05 - The next single, which is yet to be named, shall
be released in 3 weeks time. It won't be available for down
load, so you'll have to listen to your local BNET station if you want to hear it. I. And finally, you can see a very trippy video made by Stephen Moller for 'In Limbo' here, it has more special effects added in since the first version he made.

20.10.04 - 'In Limbo' reached #1 on the 95bFM Top 10.

12.10.04 - The video for 'In Limbo', made by Stephen Moller and Andrew Geekboy from 'Friday', will be played on C4's Intellectual Property tonight.

01.09.04 - 'In Limbo' reached #3 on the Radioscope
Alternative Charts and stayed in the charts for quite a while, don't know how long exactly....

07.04 - Sometime during July, 'Why Wait Then' reached #1 on the RDU Top 10 countdown and stayed in the countdown for around 6 weeks.